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  • Pittsburgh Educational Article of the Month - What does Squirrel Feces Look and Smell Like?

What does Squirrel Feces Look and Smell Like?

A Pittsburgh squirrel dropping is shaped like a cylinder with rounded tips. On the average, its diameter is 8mm, while its length is about 3/8 inches. It has a reddish color which lightens with age. It smells unpleasant too.

Squirrels are household pests. They make their nests in hidden places like the attic and the chimney; causing havocs like chewing on woodworks and wires, stealing bird seeds and causing a number of other discomforts. Naturally, Pennsylvania squirrels are attracted by nuts and squirrel wastes (which contains a substance known as pheromone). Just like other household pests, squirrels expel waste products very often; and since they live in places like attics and chimney, their feces are very likely to be found in such places.

Health risks and other problems of squirrel feces
There seem to be no human health threatening issues synonymous to Pittsburgh squirrel feces; but it is always important to be cautious, after all one can never be too careful when it comes to handling any kind of animal. Having mentioned that, it is also important to note that squirrel and squirrel feces can cause other problems. For instance:
1) Ruining our environment by expelling feces and urine, and also scattering nest materials and food debris all over the place.
2) There is the odor of Pennsylvania squirrel feces which, by any standard, is very unpleasant.
3) Squirrel infested environment tend to be a conducive environment for disease causing pathogens and parasites.
4) Squirrel waste attract other squirrels as a result of the pheromone found in the urine.

How to remove squirrels from your home
If you want to get rid of Pittsburgh squirrels, you have to find out how they get into the house in the first place. Then do the following:
i) Seal all the other entrances like the dormers, soffits, vents, etc but leave the squirrel hole open.
ii) Once it is certain that they are all out, seal the squirrel hole with steel so that no squirrels can chew their way right back into the house again.
iii) Finally, clean up the mess they made. Very important.

How to clean up squirrel feces
After a successful eradication of Pittsburgh squirrels from your house and properly sealing your house against possible reinvasion, the next thing is to clean up the mess they left behind, if not, the pheromone contained in their waste will attract a new set of Pennsylvania squirrels into your house. So here are some tips
i) Wear gloves, HEPA mask, and possibly, a tyvek suit.
ii) Ventilate the area properly.
iii) Sweep/vacuum the feces (and don’t forget to clean you vacuum cleaner after using it for this).
iv) Soak the area for a while with a special; enzyme cleaner or a good disinfectant.
v) Then scrub with detergent and warm water.

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