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  • Pittsburgh Educational Article of the Month - What is a Snare Pole and How to Use it?

What is a Snare Pole and How to Use it?

A snare pole as the name implies is a long pole trap used in catching Pittsburgh birds or mammals. It usually has noose of wire or cord at the far end of the pole. There are quite a few materials needed to make a snare pole namely; a long pole, copper pieces, copper pipe, cable, a hack saw and a hammer. Briefly explained:

Long pole: Most preferably a PVC pipe, which is very narrow and long with a bit of flexibility in it. Ideally over 40 inch long pipe should be adequate
Copper pieces: two short copper pieces are needed. The copper pieces are used at the far end of the PVC pipe to hold down copper pipes together with the PVC pole.
Copper pipes: About 4-5 inches of copper pipe is needed to form a T handle
Cable: about 8 feet will be adequate. This is used as the leash
Hacksaw and a hammer: As the names implies also, it is apparent a hacksaw and a hammer are needed to construct a snare pole.

Assembly of all materials is quite complicated. It needs practice, tutoring or both. There are Pittsburgh experts available at stores or guidebooks available online or in hardcopy formats on how to assemble a snare pole. This is just an article defining what a snare pole is, its uses and its used. A snare pole has many uses however. Common uses are enlisted below:
• It is used as a device to capture unwanted animals in a field
• It can also be used as a method to hunt
• It is a quick response to capturing Pennsylvania rodents unlike traps that require patience.

How to use a snare
Cover the exit of the main den with something like a spade or shovel; insert the snare loop in the rear end of the pipe where it is going to be screwed or bolted from; wait for the Pittsburgh rodent until it has gotten its head and at least a leg through the snare; pull it tightly as quickly as possible; keep the pressure on the cable as you lift the animal up and away from the area. When handling wild animals with a snare pole, it is necessary to not loop such Pennsylvania animals solely around the neck or chest instead looped ‘’bandolier style’’ by putting it around the neck and a leg in also inside the loop.

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