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  • Pittsburgh Educational Article of the Month - What Is a Snake Fence?

What Is a Snake Fence?

What Is a Snake Fence?

Are you having issues with snake control in your Pennsylvania property and you are looking for the easier way to keep them away through fencing? Do you want to discourage Pittsburgh snakes from getting inside your home but do not know the right kind of fence that can do the work for you? What you need is snake fence and it is the last resort when you want to completely prevent snake from gaining access to a property or a home at any point in time.

Things You Must Know about Snake Fencing
There are different types and kinds of Pennsylvania snake fences and each of the types are constructed with different materials and in different way. The fences are designed to enable property owner prevent snakes from gaining access into their Pitssburgh property at any point in time. But, due to the fact that snake fence is a large scale effort, it is always the last resort when there is problem with snake control in a particular place.

Some Types of Snake Fences You Need To Know
The material used in the construction of Pennsylvania snake fence is what that normally differentiate one from another.
Some of the fences used to prevent snakes from gaining access to property include:
• Regular solid fences which is always constructed with wood or vinyl
• The Temporary landscaping or construction fences usually made with plastic mesh or even with plastic fabric
• The steel mesh fencing that normally stick out of the ground at a particular angle
• Fencing made with catch net which can easily catch snakes that want to pass through it into a property or home and others

What You Must Know about Effective Snake Fence
Though snake fences are known to be the last resort for those that want to keep Pennsylvania snake away completely from their Pennsylvania property yet, it must be done in a proper way before it will serve the purpose you want.
Some of the factors of a good snake fence include:
• The fence must adequately surround the entire perimeter of your Pennsylvania home or property
• The fence must be completely and adequately flushed with the ground or even into the ground
• The fence must be constructed with solid mesh that is less than one quarter inch
• The fence must not be easy to climb due to the sloppiness of the surface or the slick nature of the surface

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